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Radio Baofeng BF-1904 10W 1-10KM

  • Modelo: BF-1904

    Dimensiones: 58x32x110mm

    Rango de Frecuencias: 136-174MHz 400-520MHz

    Canal de Almacenamiento: 16 Channels

    Product Name: Baofeng BF-1904 walkie talkie

    Color: Negro

    Poder: 10W

    Operating Voltage: 7.4V Li-ion

    Frequency range: VHF:136MHz-174MHz. UHF:400MHz-480MHz

    Alcance : 5-8KM en ciudad, 8-15KM en areas abiertas

    Battery capacity: 3800mAh Li-ion Battery

    Function: LED display, FM transceiver,flashlight function

    Battery Life: 72 hours

    Certificate: CE FCC Rohs Certificate

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